Caroline is sucking off some college student in the dorm room when his friend enters and wants to join in. She is hesitant at first but figures two dicks are better than one! She manage to juggle them and deepthroats them both before she leaves one in her mouth and lets the other one work her pussy. I must say she handled this like a PRO!


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The guy working on Caroline's house saw something sweet through one of the windows. She laid in bed in her sexy underwear playing with her pussy. She was shocked when she noticed him spying on her but since he was handsome she invited him in. Before he had gotten through the window she had pulled out his stiff rod.


She rocked his world with a splendid blowjob then invited him to join her in bed. He was on the clock but figured he could risk a reprimand from his boss for this. He licked her good before he slammed her hard and facialized her. He even got the time to do some sweet tittyfucking!


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Categories: Pictures

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